Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preparing for the Coming of Little Ahab

My Beloved Wife Lei is already in her 7th month of pregnancy. Her belly is now the size of a big watermelon. Our baby, on the other hand, is very active. In fact, I could see Lei’s belly actually moving whenever our baby moves inside her belly.

I couldn’t believe that time passed very quickly. It feels like it was just two days ago when we received the news of Lei’s pregnancy. Now, we are waiting around two months for Little Ahab to come out of his hiding place.

Since it’s just few weeks before her delivery, Lei decided that we go to the nearest mall to buy the things that our Little Ahab will need.

Lei’s Mother’s Book listed the following items that we should buy for our baby:

1. Shirt or tie-side (5 pieces)
2. Diaper pins / clips
3. Receiving blankets (5 pieces)
4. Wash cloth
5. Diapers (cloth or disposable)
6. Booties (3 pieces)
7. Sterile cotton
8. Cradle

We spent 5 hours inside the mall. Lei really took her time in comparing all the items that we’re purchasing in the baby section of the mall. The result is sore feet for the two of us. Actually, Lei’s feet was more sore because of her “manas”.

In exchange for the sore feet, we managed to buy all of these:

Little Ahab's baby clothes
Yeah! Mission accomplished!

We also bought a bag to hold all of the clothes of Little Ahab. We didn’t buy any feeding bottle because the salesladies were so makulit and didn’t left us to shop in peace.

We’re fortunate that Lei’s sisters are donating some of their baby clothes. My older sister is also donating her baby stroller and a training bike. I hope more donations will come in the future.

There’s more items that we need to prepare and I’m glad that we’re done with our baby’s clothing needs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a BOY!

Many people, from office mates to friends to relatives, tried to guess the sex of our little baby. A large majority said that our baby will be a girl.

My guess that our baby will be girl.

My Beloved Wife Lei guessed that our baby will be a boy.

The guessing game was over last weekend and the ultrasound result is this:

Baby Boy

Our baby is boy!

All I said was that Lei has the advantage of having our baby inside her womb so her intuition will be more accurate than mine.

Lei also said that she dreamt of arranging blue paperclips the week before our visit to the Ob/Gyne. She thought that the dream is telling her about our baby.

I am happy, obviously, because Ishmael Ahab Jr. is coming (although Lei doesn’t want to name our child after me so it will not be a junior). I am also happy because Lei and the baby are healthy. Although, she needs to reduce her intake of carbo-rich food because she’s getting overweight (including the baby) which may cause her to Caesarean operation.

Lei’s is already at her third trimester. In just a few months we will be seeing out little junior and I’m excited for that.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Baby is Moving!

Teddy Bear and pregnant woman
Lei told me that our baby is moving the whole day while she is at the office. She said that she can feel the movement. She can even pinpoint where our baby is during his/her rest times.

My Mom told me that that movement is normal and it means that Lei’s pregnancy is going well.

Lei also reported feeling “itchiness” inside her womb. Her office mates attributed the itch to the hair that covers our baby.

I think that Lei’s co-workers are correct. According to Lei’s Mother Book (or Pregnancy Book), our baby should be covered by fine hair since he/she is already in the 4th month development stage. That hair is known as lanugo and is normally shed in later stages of our baby’s development.

We are yet to hear our Ob/Gyne’s comments regarding our baby’s movement but I think that our baby is doing well.


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