Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Baby is Moving!

Teddy Bear and pregnant woman
Lei told me that our baby is moving the whole day while she is at the office. She said that she can feel the movement. She can even pinpoint where our baby is during his/her rest times.

My Mom told me that that movement is normal and it means that Lei’s pregnancy is going well.

Lei also reported feeling “itchiness” inside her womb. Her office mates attributed the itch to the hair that covers our baby.

I think that Lei’s co-workers are correct. According to Lei’s Mother Book (or Pregnancy Book), our baby should be covered by fine hair since he/she is already in the 4th month development stage. That hair is known as lanugo and is normally shed in later stages of our baby’s development.

We are yet to hear our Ob/Gyne’s comments regarding our baby’s movement but I think that our baby is doing well.


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