Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 7: Attack of Nausea

Past 12 midnight - Lei woke up with a jolt. I realized immediately that she had another spell of sickness and was about to throw up. For an hour, I held onto a small basin while she spewed her dinner.

Our ob/gyne and Internet articles said that morning sickness is normal during the early period of pregnancy. According to them, the pregnant woman’s body is changing because of the hormones being produced for the development of the fetus. I even read that nausea is a sign that the pregnancy is going well.

After an hour of vomiting, Lei asked for a ripe mango, maybe to remove the bad taste in her mouth.

Ripe mango

I know that there are many changes happening inside Lei’s body. It is not obvious right now because she’s at the early weeks of pregnancy. Some things that I did notice are the following:

1. Bouts of nausea, that don’t only occur during the morning but the whole day. What’s worse is that it attacks around midnight, when we are about to cross over to Dreamland.

2. Stronger sense of smell. Some Internet articles said that it might be the result of hormonal changes.

3. Get irritated very easily, which I have to react by increasing my patience and understanding.

Our ob/gyne said that nausea and vomiting will be gone after the first trimester of Lei’s pregnancy. Well, until then we have to face the attack of nausea every midnight.

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