Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Fatherhood Begins in the Womb

(Source: Parenthub)
I am learning a lot of things during the first weeks of Lei’s pregnancy. Of the lessons that I learned, the most important is that fatherhood begins the in the womb.

Life of a human being begins at conception, particularly at the moment when the sperm meets the egg. Consequently, husbands and wives instantly become fathers and mothers at that moment even without their knowledge.

This fact demands that I should act as a father even though I am not able to see or touch my child. And as a father, I should be more conscious to welfare of Lei and our child. I should provide not only their material needs but also their need for a good father (and husband) in our little home.

I know that the demands are high and this is so new to me. I will be taking baby steps to fatherhood even before my child has to take his/her baby steps. I must have temperance, fortitude, faith and all the virtues needed to become a good dad and husband.

I turn to God and pray that He gives me the strength to become a good father to our child. I also turn to St. Joseph, the great model of good fathers and husband.

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