Saturday, June 14, 2014

Working Mom or Stay-at-Home Mom?

A working mother looking up at her future
Lei suddenly asked me this question: “Kaya ba natin kung ikaw lang ang magtatrabaho?” (Will we be OK if you’re the only one working?)

Her question raised more questions in my mind, like: can we survive if I’m the only one working for the family? Another question is who will take care of our child if Lei continue working?

Lei is currently working as a contractual employee in a government agency. Her salary helps us to make ends meet, especially since we are paying off debts and renting an apartment.

There are advantages for being a working mom. The primary advantage is the income that the working mom earns keeps the family afloat. Another advantage, especially for the career-driven woman, is that the working mom receives personal satisfaction from her professional achievements at work.

On the other hand, being a stay-at-home mom should not be looked down upon since it has its own advantages, number one of which is the focused care that the she brings to her children and the family. A growing child needs full attention, especially during the formative years. They may not be focused in their career but stay-at-home moms derive satisfaction from always being there for their children.

Should Lei stop working and be a stay-at-home mom? We don’t know the answer yet. Well, we have few more months to decide. As of now, Lei keeps her job.


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  1. If kaya naman, why not choose to be a SAHM?

    Well, every woman has their own reason for choosing any of these. If she decided to be a working mom, work-life balance is the key for easy time management. Just make sure na maasikaso at trustworthy talaga ang nag aalaga kay baby =)

    1. Thanks for the comment Ate EINz.

      Pinag-iisipan pa po naman 'yan. Pero kung mag-decide siya na mag-stay at home ay susuportahan ko po siya. Ganun din kapag nag-decide siya mag working mom.

  2. I am a stay at home wifey. Yes, we are struggling with our finances because of my medical treatments (and they don't come cheap), but after a loooong discussion we decided that it's for the best if I quit my job and focus on the fertility issues while at home, and after we have a baby (hopefully!). For now, I'm working as a freelancer at home. The pay sucks but it does help a bit, at least. :) Maybe you and your wife can try looking into It's a freelancing portal:)

    1. I am not sure if My Beloved Wife will like oDesk. Will ask her about it.